Endocrinology Services

Endocrine Sciences’ endocrinology services program includes:

  • 60-day frozen serum and plasma specimen storage allowing for add-on or repeat testing up to 2 months after the original blood draw date
  • Protocols to accommodate multiple specimens for stimulation testing and diagnostic profiles
  • Quantitative specimen volume analysis performed prior to testing to ensure sufficient specimen volume
  • Pediatric volumes available for many common tests
  • Assays developed specifically to aid in the diagnosis of endocrine disorders common among pediatric patients
  • Methodologies, such as HPLC/MS-MS, to measure low and abnormal hormone levels
  • Some reference intervals are age-specific or by pubertal Tanner stages
  • Processes, including extraction, to purify specimens prior to testing
  • Direct access to scientific experts who specialize in endocrinology testing
  • PhD-level scientists available to discuss assay methodologies
  • MD-level consultations available to discuss patient cases

Read more about our educational materials available in the Endocrinology Tools page.