Endocrine Sciences Innovation

Endocrine Sciences is committed to remaining at the forefront of endocrinology through continuous investment in scientific research, information technology, and assay development.

Endocrinology Innovation

  • Mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS-MS): Superior specificity and sensitivity for critical steroid assays
  • GlycoMark®: An assay reflective of postmeal glucose spikes
  • Comprehensive thyroglobulin: A unique approach for testing residual thyroid function that eliminates antibody interference
  • SHOX-DNA-Dx®: Genetic assay that detects mutations in the short stature homeobox gene
  • Fractionated 25-hydroxy vitamin D: Differentiates between circulating D2 and D3
  • NMR LipoProfile®: Expanded lipoprotein sub fractionation testing
  • Connectivity solutions: Web-based test ordering and result delivery

GlycoMark® is a registered trademark of Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.
SHOX-DNA-Dx® is a registered trademark of Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings
NMR LipoProfile® is a trademark of LipoScience Inc.