Scientific Expertise

The Endocrine Sciences commitment to scientific excellence guarantees our customers access to the latest developments in diagnostic testing. We are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of specialized laboratory testing through continual scientific research and new assay development.

Endocrinology Scientific Expertise

  • Highly specific and sensitive methods for low-level hormone/steroid detection, including electrochemiluminesence (ECL) and mass spectrometry (MS)
  • Preanalytical sample extraction and purification ensures assay specificity
  • Extensive age- and gender-related reference intervals from premature infants to elderly adults
  • QNS reduction through proactive management of low-volume pediatric and geriatric specimens
  • 90-day storage for serum and plasma specimens with extended 1-year storage for comprehensive thyroglobulin specimens
  • Assay methods developed, validated, and maintained on site by PhD-level scientists
  • Proprietary test for thyroid disease and diabetes
  • Pediatric expertise in growth, sexual maturation, and adrenal disease