Clinical Trials Support

Endocrine Sciences has strong clinical trials experience, offering a comprehensive menu of assays to support a large number of clinical studies for various endocrine and ultrasensitive assays. In addition to its core competencies in immunoassay, immunogenicity, mass spectrometry, and overall bioanalytical endocrine testing services, Endocrine Sciences’ scientific team can offer extensive support for protocol design, as well as assay development, validation, and customization. Endocrine Sciences' lab is ISO 15189 certified.

Endocrine Sciences supports clinical trials in the following therapeutic areas:

  • Adrenal disease
  • Development and sexual maturation
  • Diabetes
  • Endocrine cancer
  • Endocrine hypertension
  • Growth disorders and acromegaly
  • Obesity and fatty liver disease
  • Parathyroid, bone, and calcium disorders
  • Reproductive disorders, testosterone replacement
  • Thyroid disease

Covance Inc., headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, is the drug development business of Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp®). Covance is the marketing name for Covance Inc. and its subsidiaries around the world. Together, LabCorp and Covance have more than 48,000 employees worldwide and maintain offices in more than 60 countries. Covance is a leading drug development services company providing a wide range of early-stage and late-stage product development services on a worldwide basis, primarily to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Including LabCorp’s leading network of primary and specialty laboratories, Covance provides more than 4,500 laboratory tests, ranging from routine blood analyses to reproductive genetics to companion diagnostics, in addition to tests for the chemical, agrochemical, and food industries. Covance is one of the few drug development companies capable of providing comprehensive global product development services.